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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign Journal: Chapter 11 - Short and Sweet

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After an extended break due to the holiday season it was back into the saddle with a shorter-than-usual session (partly due to availability and partly due to my stupidity in trying to get Fantasy Grounds to work with my new Windows 8 setup). Despite the relatively short time we had available the group still managed to drop itself into a lot of trouble (or more specifically, Harry Crum did)!

Last time saw the investigators end up standing over a dead body (again). It was the guard at the Penhew Foundation they were busy "investigating" (read: breaking into), but a search had uncovered evidence the guard was probably a cultist. So that's alright then.

A stone wall. What horrors lie beyond?

The group was determined to get to the bottom of what was behind the wall in the basement through which the odd pipes ran. A long discussion about which walls were supporting walls began (always a risk when you bring an architect with you), but eventually they figured out that they were not easily going to break through the wall.
Someone (I forget who, apologies!) had the good idea of burying the dead guard under the coal in the coal bin, and then using the dumbwaiter in the basement to gain access to the rest of the building. Were my investigators developing a sense of intelligence and wisdom in their approach? My pride at their blossoming professionalism turned out to misplaced and short-lived...

After spending quite some time fearfully deciding which brave soul would use the dumbwaiter (ahh, there's that healthy paranoia again), Willard (the character with virtually no sanity and a POW of only 6) stepped forwards and volunteered.

That's when Hubert remembered that the guard had unlocked the rear door of the building when he came to investigate all the noise earlier.  So, rather shamefacedly our heroes left the basement and did indeed find the back door to the Foundation unlocked. They slowly and cautiously entered the building and quickly figured out that the store room would be positioned roughly above the strange walls in the basement. Handily the storage room contained a rather obvious mummy sarcophagus in the middle of the floor.

Cutters skill with tracking identified strange markings on the floor around the sarcophagus, a track, as though it had been dragged in a circle. Banding together the investigators managed to push the heavy sarcophagus away, revealing a set of spiral stairs descending into darkness, but also breaking the movement mechanism in the process.

A huge sarcophagus in the middle of the room? Not the best way to hide a secret tunnel...

Emboldened by their success they descended the stairs into Gavigan's secret chamber and discovered many treasures within. A wad of pound notes, an extensive library, grotesque and hideous artworks (SAN rolls were unfortunately passed), and packing cases addressed to importers in Shanghai and Australia were all found, along with a box containing some small silver daggers. If they weren't convinced before they now had some proof of Gavigan's true nature.

Gathering as much as they could manage the investigators decided it was time to leave. Dawn could not be too far off. Their curiosity began to get the better of them however and they could not resist starting a search of the rest of the rather large premises.

It was nearing 5am at this point and I determined to let them explore two more rooms before a guard arrived to relieve his colleague and open up for the day. Sure enough the investigators were having too much fun exploring the offices, libraries and women's toilets of the facility, so much so that they failed their listen rolls and didn't hear the main building doors being unlocked...

Luckily Harry was still in the central corridor, saw the guard enter the building and managed to signal the others, who started to run towards the rear exit. Some hilariously bad sneak rolls ensured that their escape was not going to be so straightforwards however, and with a shout the guard ordered them to halt, shining his torch at the fleeing group.

That was too good an invitation for Harry to resist, and it was mere moments before the gunshots started. Cutter showed uncommon daring by striding down the passageway towards the guard firing off shots from his rifle, and luckily for the big woodman his first shot caught the guard square in the chest.

The guard fell back behind the reception desk, badly wounded but not yet out of action. He gamely tried to fight back, but his shots were wild, and when Cutter strode up to him and told him to drop his gun the guard passed out. The investigators fled.

Back at the hotel Hubert had trouble keeping the contents of his stomach inside when he saw the state of his room. The dog he had brought back from Derby was exceedingly ill, lying morosely on his bed, and the room was covered in excrement and vomit. Moral of the story: don't inject a dog with werewolf blood then leave it alone for hours.

After a good rest Harry decided to contact Mickey Mahoney again and meet him for a late lunch. He wanted to find out whether Gavigan had any other properties that the group could investigate and reckoned Mahoney would be well-placed to tell him. Unfortunately when they did meet and had their Guinness the conversation went something like this...
Crum: So, Mickey, what do you know about Edward Gavigan at the Penhew Foundation?
Mahoney: Why do you want to know about Gavigan?
Crum: Well, we found some pretty odd stuff when we broke into the Foundation last night...
Mahoney: Really? You were in the Penhew Foundation last night? Did you know a guard was found murdered there this morning?
Crum: Um...
Mahoney: You know anything about that Crum?
Crum: Er... look we found all this weird cult stuff. Gavigan is involved in something big...
Mahoney (smelling a story): What about the dead guard?
Crum: Er... umm.... look it was self-defense! (lamely) Anyway, he was a cultist...
Mahoney: The guard was a man called Benjamin Jones. He was married with two young kids, a family man. Hardly a cult type...
Crum: Look, he shot at us!
Mahoney: Crum, I really should hand you over to the police.
Crum: Well...
Mahoney (smelling an even bigger story): Look, I like you Crum. If Gavigan really is involved in something like you say that's a big story. Get me proof. You have twenty four hours or I go to the police with what I know.
Crum: Ahh...
Mahoney: I'll meet you here at this time tomorrow. See you then Crum.


I think Harry learned his lesson. Don't tell editors of major newspapers that you have just been involved in a murder...

So there we left it. The investigators have stumbled onto something and now suspect Gavigan of nefarious deeds. Unfortunately they could be prime suspects in a murder case if they don't come up with proof in the next 24 hours. Can anyone hear the ticking of the clock?



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  1. Oh dear...we're in a huge amount of do-do! Fun session!! Thanks Mister Keeper :)


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