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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

SWTOR Guild Summit summary

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The livestream from the panels of day two of Bioware's Guild Summit has now finished, and I have to say I was really impressed. The livestreaming worked well despite the thousands of people watching, and the developers were informative, funny, and modest. I liked the way they didn't duck questions and admitted mistakes on several occasions and I'd like to see more of this open communication in the future. Great job Bioware.

There were absolutely loads of reveals and new information about upcoming content. Darth Hater have a great ten page summary of the panels here. It is well worth a read, but below are some of the highlights for me, in no particular order.
  • The new Operation, Explosive Conflict, will be the first tier two raid
  • A server-only group finder will arrive with patch 1.3
  • Chat log will be introduced with patch 1.2
  • Combat parser will be introduced in patch 1.2
  • There is a "secret project" going on with the development of the space combat game.
  • More World Bosses (open world Operations mobs) will arrive with patch 1.2
  • Ranked warzones will arrive with patch 1.2
  • The devs admitted that the Ilum open world PvP zone was not working as intended and revealed it will be redesigned from the ground up, focusing on objective based PvP (no ETA)
  • Barber shop functionality, chat bubbles and sit-able chairs are in the pipeline (no ETA)
  • New spawning tech has been developed to make the worlds feel more alive (no ETA)
  • The guild bank system with patch 1.2 offers lots of functionality (7 fully controllable tiers, ability to repair from bank etc) 
  • Guild emblems, guild calendar and guild advertising are in the works (no ETA)
  • Guild progression, including guild capital ships are in the works (no ETA)
  • UI customisation (full rearrangement and scaling options) are coming, many in patch 1.2. UI configs can be saved and transferred between characters
  • Target-of-target functionality will be in patch 1.2
  • Click-to-cast will be in patch 1.3 or 1.4
  • Big improvements to the GTN interface for patch 1.2
  • New colour matching functionality in patch 1.2 will allow you to choose whether to match the colour of individual armour pieces to your chest piece
  • Dual spec is coming but not in patch 1.2
  • Crafters will be able to make orange items
  • Patch 1.2 will include optional new high resolution textures for those with powerful machines
  • New class story content is coming "this year"
  • There is a dedicated, mysterious "live event team" working on server wide live events with persistent effects
  • Epic quests with rewards that will effect your entire legacy are coming, and will require characters from both factions (not in patch 1.2)

That's the stuff I personally liked hearing, but that wasn't the best of it as far as I was concerned. The full announcement of the Legacy system just blew me away. Like crew skills and the companion system it looks like being another unique MMO system that offers an incredible amount of potential.

In summary, all of your characters on the same server are part of the same Legacy. Whenever you gain experience with any character you also contribute to the entire Legacy experience, which unlocks benefits as you progress. Here's a summary of the main points (with some expanded detail over the original source).

  • The Legacy system is designed to touch almost every system in the game, and was therefore considered too risky for launch.
  • Game Update 1.2 will introduce Family Tree, automatically updated with all of your characters in a Legacy. You will be able to move your characters around the tree and define their relationships (brother, sister, ally, enemy etc).
  • When you reach level 50 with a species you will unlock that species for all other classes, including faction specific appearances (so you can have a red-skinned Zabrak Jedi, or a Chiss smuggler for example)
  • Completing Chapter 2 will unlock your class buff and apply that to all your buffs on all characters. So eventually your character self buffs would deliver all of the buffs in one hit.
  • Completing Chapter 3 will unlock your class Heroic abilities for all legacy characters (for example, reach level 50 with your Sith Warrior and your smuggler will be able to use Force Choke)
  • Completing all missions for a companion type (ranged tank, dps, healer etc), unlocks shorter cooldown and longer duration on Heroic abilities for the first companion of each type on each legacy character, in addition to stat boosts and Presence buffs.
  • There are unlockable Alignment abilities including Dark, Light, and Grey.
  • Social rank unlocks including dancing with companions and emotes.
  • Most legacy rewards can be purchased with in-game credits so those who do not have lots of alts can benefit too (though they will be very expensive).
  • All unlocks and rewards are retroactive, so when patch 1.2 arrives you may already have unlocked some things.
  • Other unlocks include cooldown reductions for emergency fleet pass and quick travel pass.
  • Sprint moved to level 1!!!
  • There is an improved sprint to unlock instead (Jetpack unlockable as a short duration sprint for Bounty Hunter, other classes receive rocket boots).
  • Legacy levels can unlock training dummies on Ships (including Operation and Warzone versions).
  • Legacy levels can unlock a repair Astromech droid for your ship which will repair items, buy items, and sell upgrade items for Ship droids.
  • Mailboxes and Galactic Trade Network on ships an be unlocked (The GTN unlock is a very high level legacy item to keep people visiting the fleet stations).
  • Legacy weapons and armour as tokens an be unlocked, usable for alt. characters. So, you can use your high level legacy tokens to buy excellent gear for lower level alts. Legacy items do not scale.
  • New item type: Bound-to-Legacy.
  • Legacy unlocks will include the ability to customise the levelling experience for your alts. So, you can boost PvP experience for an alt for example, if you would rather level that way, or purchase a speeder at a lower level for an alt.
  • Legacy (shared) banks are in the pipeline (no ETA)
  • You will be able to mail any item to any other character in your legacy, regardless of faction.
  • Legacy level cap is 50 currently.

There is so much depth to this system that the above summary only scratches the surface. Hopefully Bioware will put up a video of the panel as it really explains the system better with plenty of examples. The potential for the Legacy system is massive.

Below is the trailer for path 1.2. This was recorded from the livestream, but I'll update this post with the HD version whenever Bioware release it.

Edit: Now with HD video!


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