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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Masks of Nyarlathotep - A review of the last two years

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Adurj summed up many of my thoughts on our recent two-year-long Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign in his guest post. It's been a bit of an epic, and I have to admit that I'm a little surprised we got through it in the end. We took a break half way through due to the birth of one player's first son, but managed to get the momentum going again pretty quickly.

It's kind of difficult to formulate my thoughts after such a long campaign. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and despite the work involved in keeping everyone up to speed and motivated I looked forwards to every session. It was interesting to see how the players changed their approach as the campaign progressed, with caution eventually giving way to reckless abandon as the months went by.

I'm certainly going to take some great memories away with me, and I can imagine that when we all get together over some beers the conversation will inevitably turn to our shared experiences. We still talk about our Cthulhu sessions from years ago.

The campaign had me, at times, tearing my hair out in frustration (some players just refuse to see the obvious!), and at others literally doubled up in laughter. The image of Harry Crum, trying to climb an iron fence with his flaming trousers around his ankles, whilst a crowd gathered to watch, will haunt my dreams for a while yet! And I still cannot hear The Ride of the Valkyries without imagining a small Carden-Lloyd tank driving past shocked onlookers through the streets of Shanghai.

If I were to run the campaign again I'd do a few things differently of course. I'd introduce Jackson Elias earlier, as a living NPC in an introduction scenario, so that his eventual murder had more impact. I'd reinforce the connection with Kensington of Prospero Press, to force the players into logging their thoughts and helping ease the problem of introducing new characters. I'd also keep the Pulp Points secret, adding a bit of risk to the players use of them.

Overall however I couldn't have wished for things to go much better.

To finally put things to bed here are a few of the statistics I tracked during the campaign, along with a list of choice quotes.


Distance travelled: >39,000 miles

September 23rd 2012 – September 7th 2014

36 sessions

Cultists killed: 58

  • 47 Cult of the Bloody Tongue
  • 6 Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh
  • 27 Order of the Bloated Woman
  • 17 Cult of the Sand Bat
Innocents killed: 12

Pulp Points used: 36

Bullets to the knee: 3

Gates to Heaven: 7

Centipedes eaten: 2

Mythos beasts encountered:
  • 18 zombies
  • 1 serpent man
  • 1 werewolf
  • The Thing in the Fog
  • 3 Shanktaks
  • 8 Deep Ones
  • 1 Shoggoth
  • 1 Ghost
  • 7 Dingos from The Dreamtime
  • A multitude of blasphemous things in a pit
  • 1 Great Race of Yith
  • 1 Flying Polyp
  • 4 Fire Vampires
  • Spawn of Nyarlathotep
  • Avatar of Nyarlathotep
Cars trashed: 3 (including 1 tank)

Trains destroyed: 1

Hospital visits: 5

Pairs of trousers set on fire: 3

Characters killed: 6 (4 from one player!)

  • Mr Yoo Transported back to the age of dinosaurs
  • Tso Yoo Also transported back to the age of the dinosaurs
  • Tom “Cutter” Mason Choked by The Thing in the Fog
  • Harry Crum Went mad after seeing a Shoggoth and ran off into the jungle
  • Cassandra Fox Died under falling rocks caused by a dynamite explosion
  • Rodrigo Velazquez Sent mad by a Flying Polyp

"I'm going to take Sebastian round the back and show him my pipe"

"You've been Crum-ed!"

"There is only one I in team"

"Shoot him in the knee!"

"I'll have some salts and some whiskey please. And some cake. And do you stock mantraps?"

"Do you have a goat we can borrow?"

“It was self-defence!”

"I'm going to study it very closely indeed"

"We're going to need a bloody tank"

"The problem with killing a Chinese is in half an hour you want to do it again!”

"We need a new translator. We broke the last one…"

"Does it look like we got here with no incident?"

"It was a gift from Johnny Two-Toes"

“You guys can continue to use Pulp Points... if you wanna be pussies!"

"It's a fucking disaster."

"Bloody cheating Belgian!"

“She is a beautiful woman no? She walks like a horse.”

“Get those knees high boys!"

“Right. I’m going to run into the water closet.”

“Water porter!”

“I’m going to tip the jug of water over my head, grab Sebastian, then leap out of the hole in the train”

“I’ve been burnt, I’ve been beaten up, I’ve been shot at. I really need to rest!”

“If you can’t trust an Englishman who can you trust?” “Exactly, and that’s why I’m going to be paying by cheque”.

“Stop saying “Shittingdon”!”

“How far do you reckon I can pee?”

“The old man stiffens and stares at George”.

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  1. Very funny. Had me laughing out loud. Was also a bit melancholic reading that, the epic adventure having reached it's end and all. At least I have a wealth of campaign journals and YouTube coverage to relive. Good times Mere. thanks :)


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