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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Players Perspective

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I think this is a first for 'Far Beyond My Capacity'. It's nice to come first. Yes, I'm a guest blogger! It's been an eternity since I blogged myself over at 'Le'Bard Connection' but I'm here to give it a go. It's worth it. Saving the World needs a special celebration right?

Good table top roleplaying stays with you. It can build an adventure of the imagination so vivid that the memories last a life time. The last time my Brother ran a Call of Cthulhu campaign was around 20 years ago. Cthulhu on the Orient Express. I can still remember my characters on their fearless journey. Shade Otakuwe, Circus Performer, and Constantine, a hybrid of a whip wielding Indiana Jones and the cavalier Liverpudlian (yes, I know! HellBlazer wasn’t as well known back then!). So around two years ago when my Bro contacted our old school years table top group and asked who wanted to try an experiment to see if Fantasy Grounds would be a good medium to get a remote table top campaign going again, we all jumped at the chance.

This time round, there was an addition to our group - Matt, a great guy who we had met MMO’ing on EverQuest2 and had remained friends with ever since. Aside from that it was all the OldSkool. Simmsy, Davey Cee, James and of course, myself. All under the careful tutorage of our Games Master, my older brother Neil. As long as Fantasy Grounds worked OK, we kind of all knew what to expect. Neil is an extremely imaginative and competent GM. Which to us meant that we would be led through one hell of a crazy ride should the experiment prove successful. We were not disappointed. Not in the slightest. Skype and FG worked fantastically and the next two years would prove to be yet another amazingly enjoyable, memorable and truly epic campaign across the globe in an effort to save the World from certain destruction at the hands of The Elder Gods. 

My Bro documented the journey from start to finish, so I’m not going to go in to the intricacies of the storyline but I’d like to add some snippets showing my favourite parts and the experiences that embodied the last two years for me from The Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign (You'll find the list after the jump). They are not in chronological order. Just the order that they popped in to my brain. There are a load more too. As the memories started to flow, I had to curb my input. There’s just too many to list!

  • I loved the fact that within a few sessions we were back to normal. The old hapless Magical Mystery Tour had begun again and it was a complete blast! Literally.
  • I loved the fact we all fell in to our old stereotypical character types
  • We couldn’t open locked doors
  • We couldn’t have a fight without near death experiences each time
  • We stumbled in to dangerous situations ill prepared
  • We missed clues as wide as a house, presented to us by the GM in fluorescent suits jumping around shouting “Hey, look at me!!”
  • We implicated ourselves in murders we didn’t commit
  • We regularly found ourselves on the wrong side of the law
  • Simmsy didn’t let us down when Harry Crumb koshed a NY Police Detective over the head nearly killing him. When the cop was supposed to be helping us!
  • We lost two of the characters in London to a painting, and then despite carrying the painting with us across the globe and regularly discussing it’s dastardly use to foil our enemies, it stayed in our packs, never to be used
  • The idea to use said painting as a sandwich board
  • We got through quite a few characters, and as normal mine was the highest body count (action requires sacrifice!)
  • Harry couldn’t climb a wall without ripping off his trousers by accident and injuring himself
  • One of our players missus’s had their baby near the start of the two years. Awesome for the fact that James can now tell his son, “For the first two years of your life boy, I was fighting the forces of evil and saving the World”
  • George (Davey Cee) getting jumped in the toilets in Shanghai
  • The National Lampoons day trip to Grey Dragon Island
  • The adoption of a dog that would end its life having been abused terribly by Hubert (James) by injecting Werewolf blood in to it
  • The mess left behind by same said doggy in hotel rooms
  • A visit to an Irish reporter in London which turned in to a blundered conversation resulting in a murder confession (nice styling Harry!)
  • The incredibly surprising successful murder investigation on the journey from Shanghai to Australia. I can’t tell you how shocked we were that we solved it!
  • The pinning open of George’s eyes to try and reverse the terrible outcome of his meddling with ancient artefacts
  • The Can-can in the face of adversity under the deserts of Australia “Get those knees up boys!”
  • The comparison of how a lady walks and a horse walks (I miss Rodrigo! << incidentally my fave character I played throughout the campaign)
  • George’s realisation that baddies can’t kill you if you just open fire as soon as you meet them (sorry we ruined your long Huston speech Bro!)
  • Sebastian’s mental demise right at the very end of it all after surviving so much danger for two years
  • And finally, DYNAMITE! Ka-BOOM!!
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed our many sessions. A huge thank you to Merecraft for all of your time, effort and patience!! A thoroughly enjoyable 2 year campaign.

Thanks again Bro, and my fellow players for helping me forge some great great memories.

Adurj Le’Bard

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it as much as I did mate :)
    Let's hope it's not another 20 years until the next one!


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