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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Masks of Nyarlathotep Campaign Journal: Chapter 10 - Back to the Big Smoke

Mission accomplished (kind of) the investigators decided to head back to London to continue their investigations, following the excitement of the previous session. Not before an odd detour involving a dog and a syringe though...

Hubert was about to discover that dogs and syringes are not a good mix

Leaving Castle Plum in the early hours of the morning the group took a lift back to the village courtesy of the Vane's butler. All except Cutter, who decided he could not accept the help of such vile people and decided to walk back through a storm just to prove a point. He didn't receive much sympathy.

The investigators rested for the remainder of the morning before catching a bus back to Derby in the early afternoon. Hubert had decided to join them on the trip back to London.

In Derby Hubert suddenly decided to try and find a new pet dog... he managed to find a pound and purchased a collie dog. We were all wondering if he had gone crazy (crazier?). We then found out that he had. He injected the dog with the werewolf blood he had taken from Eloise's corpse earlier. It naturally tried to bite him, but he managed to avoid it's nip.

Taking the dog, now called Marco, with him the group boarded the train back to London and arrived at St. Pancras in the early evening. They got a new hotel sorted just off Shaftsbury Avenue, but had to sneak Marco in after Hubert was told "no pets!".

Cutter and Willard decided to spend the evening scoping out the Penhew Foundation as the group had convinced themselves the place required further investigation. After watching the building for a while they did determine that there was at least one guard inside, as evidenced by the flashlight that could be seen from the windows as he made his patrol.

Cutter wanted to take more direct action, and with Willard's help managed to scale the iron fence into the Foundation's yard. He went round the back but noticed nothing unusual other than a strange pipe sticking from the ground that didn't seem to be attached to anything.

Only on returning to the fence did Cutter realise his mistake. It was too high to climb back out unaided! Willard had had the foresight to bring some rope with him (Rope? What is this, Dungeons and Dragons? He'll have a ten foot pole next!). Despite their best efforts however Cutter was unable to climb out (soooo many failed Climb rolls in a row were very amusing). Dawn was starting to break, and Tottenham Court Road is one of London's busiest, so Cutter decided to go hide in the back yard until someone arrived to unlock the gate. Willard, showing true comradeship decided to leave him to it and headed back to the hotel to sleep.

A couple of hours later the gates were unlocked and a large truck pulled into the back yard. Several men got out and started to unload crates, and one of them saw Cutter hiding behind some pallets. He barked at Cutter in a language that was not English, and Cutter tried to feign being a drunk tramp. A fast talk got him out of there with no further confrontation.

Cutter's new look - Bum with a beard

Back at the hotel the other investigators were waking up. Hubert discovered that injecting werewolf blood into your pet dog isn't the best of ideas, as the dog had evacuated it's bowls with great determination all over the hotel room. Oops!

Sebastian and Hubert went to the British Museum to see if they could dig anything up on the Penhew Foundation, but without much luck. Harry decided to check in with Mickey Mahone and took him for a drink at the local boozer.

Mickey told Harry about the recent investigation into the Miles Shipley murder, and it was obvious that he knew who was behind it (the police were looking for a group of American and Chinese tourists). He told Harry not to worry and that he would keep the secret.

Harry told Mickey about the events in Derbyshire and urged him to print the story, despite the agreement the group had reached with Lord Arthur Vane. mickey was reluctant to print without evidence as Lord Vane would ensure the closure of the Scoop, but he did agree to send a greenhorn reporter up to Lesser Edale to investigate.

The final piece of news that Mickey had was that a middle-aged American gentleman had turned up at the Scoop offices asking after the investigators. He hadn't left a name or contact number.

Meeting back up at the hotel later, with Willard and Cutter rested following their night-time vigil, the investigators had a discussion about what to do next. They determined that someone should go and try to speak to Inspector Barrington at Scotland Yard, but they could not decide who should go. No-one wanted to risk it as they were all paranoid they would be arrested for the Shipley murder, and an argument ensued. As a keeper it's always nice to see your players so frightened that they get into arguments over who should take action!

Eventually Hubert was picked to visit (at least it got him out of clearing up all the dog shit!). After a long wait at Scotland Yard Inspector Barrington arrived and after a successful Fast Talk agreed to give Hubert ten minutes of his time.

If in doubt ask a policeman

Huberts questioning actually uncovered quite a bit of information, including the facts that Jackson Elias had told the Inspector that there was a cult called the Brotherhood of the Black Pharoah that was responsible for the Egyptian murders, that Barrington had seen Gavigan at the Penhew Foundation and been told the theory about the Brotherhood was nonsense, that the police had staked out the Blue Pyramid nightclub with no luck, and that one victim had screamed the word "hotep" repeatedly before dying.

Overall it was a very productive meeting, and what's more Hubert didn't even manage to get arrested! He left the Inspector his contact details and returned to the group with his new information.

The investigators decided they were going to break into the Penhew Foundation that night, but first they would go to the Blue Pyramid and see what they could find.

The Blue Pyramid was a dingy and seedy nightclub specialising in Egyptian music, dancing and food. Despite a good few hours at the club the investigators saw nothing particularly unusual, and once they had been thrown out at 1am decided to head to the Foundation.

The investigators managed to scale the iron fence without too much difficulty (though Harry's weight proved a slight problem). Once on the other side Cutter said, "I'm going to take Sebastian round the back and show him the pipe"...

It took about ten minutes for order to be restored...

Failing his rolls, Sebastian had no idea what the pipe was for anyway. Some architect! The group made their way down some stairs to the basement door, and for once Harry actually managed to pick the lock! Everyone cheered.

Inside the basement there was nothing particularly unusual, but on investigating the crawl space below the Foundation offices the group did notice another unusual pipe leading from the ceiling and through a wall. It appeared as though there was something on the other side of the wall, so Harry decided to start beating on the heavy stone wall with his shovel.

The noise alerted the guard who began to make his way down to the basement. He passed Hubert and Sebastian who were hiding outside, and pounced on the rest of the investigators, shining a torch in their faces and pointing a shotgun at them. Big mistake, but he wasn't to know.

So, another comedy fight ensued, with Cutter and Willard having to throw themselves to the floor to escape shotgun blasts (and the judicious use of a Pulp Point by Willard). Sebastian decided the best way to enter the fray would be via the coal chute, but almost got stuck on the way down. Harry managed to fumble yet another to hit roll, almost killing Cutter and Willard in the process. Perhaps they shouldn't have spent the evening drinking in the Blue Pyramid first...

Eventually Hubert barrelled down the stairs to the basement and ran into the back of the guard, knocking him off balance and allowing Harry to do his thing. The guard died in pain and agony thanks to Harry's shotgun.

"You've been Crumbed!"

He certainly had.

The latest in cultist fashion

A quick search of the guard revealed a strangely shaped pendant. It was an inverted ankh. The investigators seemed to be on the right path again.

So with that the investigations take a break for the Christmas holidays and we'll return in the New Year. Have a sanity-shattering holiday everyone!


  1. A kinda productive session (mainly thanks to Hubert), but mostly a huge amount of fun! Love the picture of the dog and syringe..spot on! Couldn't believe it when Hubert did that, poor mutt. I must admit though, the dog crap room did send me uncontrollable for quite some time. Funny to see the keeper having a giggle issue too!!

    Cheers Bro..

  2. First ... they faced the Door. Then the Door returned. Now finally they had to face ... the Fence!

    The joys of athletics-based rolls.

    1. Athletic based rolls seem to be the source of the majority of our funny moments. Weird cos we are all such athletes in real life... *cough*


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