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Monday, April 30, 2012

Level 50! But What Now?

It's taken me four months but I've finally reached level 50 with Merec. I still have a little of his class story to finish off, but for all intents and purposes I'm done with levelling him. Which begs the question, "what next?"

There are plenty of things I want to do, one of which is to start gearing myself up for raiding. My guild has been most helpful in giving me guidance on what I need to do (thanks guys!), so here by way of a guide and a way of keeping track is my "shopping list" of things I'm going to be working on now I've hit the level cap.

Special props to Jen of Convergence who wrote an excellent guide on our website and has given me some great pointers. The information on gear is all hers and I can take no credit for it.

Class Story
I still have a little left of my class story, and this will probably be the first thing I finish up. It's one of the big pulls of the game for me, so I'm looking forwards to seeing how it resolves. I'll finish up the Corellia world story at the same time.

Finish Flashpoints
I still have a few flashpoints to do that I missed along the way, plus the new level 50 ones, and I'd like to do them just to see the content. Three of the flashpoints (The Esseles, Taral V, and Maelstrom Prison) must be done in normal mode before they can be done in Hard Mode at endgame anyway. I know I've over-levelled most of them now, but I'm still interested in seeing the content, and I may be lucky enough to pick up some decent gear for my alts.

Hard Mode Flashpoints
8 Flashpoints can be run multiple times at end game in Hard Mode. These reward Columi gear; good gear for starting for Hard Mode Operations. I'm really looking forwards to running some of these with my guildies. The following Flashpoints can be run at level 50 in Hard Mode.
Apparently a good source of credits, dailies are quests that can be run once per day and reward commendations. Commendations can be turned in for a whole variety of equipment, including Rakata level earpieces and implants (some of the best in-slot items). There are also heroic versions which give more rewards. Various dailies can be picked up on Belsavis, Ilum and as part of the space combat game.

Working on Endgame Gear
I already have a full set of orange gear (and my two weapons both have augment slots already), so I'll be concentrating initially on bringing the mods up to par by running HM Flashpoints, along with Dailies to get the Rakata earpieces and implants. If I can get another piece or two of orange augmented armour whilst doing so then great (these are critical crafting recipes that require rare ingredients).

There are four tiers of end-game gear available now:
Tionese -> Columi -> Rakata -> Black Hole
Tionese gear is equivalent to full endgame modifiable armour, and good for starting out on Story Mode Operations (tier 1). Columi is a big step up and good for Hard Mode Operations (tier 1). Apart from the Black Hole gear each tier has set rewards for collecting the full set of head, chest, gloves, legs and boots.

Black Hole gear is the newest and available from doing the Black Hole commendations on Corellia and a few other places (such as Karagga's Palace Nightmare Mode or the new World Boss on Voss). I'm assuming that it's a good set for the first tier 2 Operation, Explosive Conflict. I'll be working my way up to Columi first with a view to raiding the tier one Operations (Eternity Vault and Karagga's Palace).

I'm a big fan of the datacron system (my Bartle has me down as 80% Explorer), so I'm looking forwards to completing the set.

I'm still missing a few datacrons (one from the Ancient Probe on Hoth, and a few from Ilum), so I'll be trying to get that shortly after finishing my class story to get them finished off. After that I'll be hoping to have a go at the +10 Datacron secret quest (it gives +10 to all stats) at some point (my guild does runs occasionally). In preparation for that I'll be getting hold of the Red Crystal Artefact and the Blue Crystal when I have a little free time.

Level 50 Speeder
I'm still saving up for this after blowing my cash on the GTN for mods and an orange belt! Hopefully the cash from daily quests will help me get this sooner rather than later.

Crew Skills
I'm not that far off maximising my Crew Skills now, and once that's done I can start churning out some goodies for the guild and the GTN. Unfortunately I picked Cybertech as my main, and I've been told that it's not currently that useful at endgame. I intend to finish getting it maxxed anyway as I'm so close, then I'll give it a bit of time before deciding whether to switch (possibly to Armormech).

PvP Warzones
I've actually been playing quite a bit in the PvP Warzones recently. I was drawn there by the lure of a nice looking piece of chest armour only available from PvP commendations (the RD-05A Spider Jacket), and I had an absolute blast and made Valor rank 12. PvE will remain my focus, but I do intend to start spending more time in the Warzones.

I'm looking forwards to eventually getting into the raiding game. I used to raid quite a bit in LoTRO and EQ2. I'll be holding off until I can get my gear to a less embarrassing state first however. Luckily I have an understanding guild!

I plan on maximising my affection with Risha (running lots of Underworld Trading missions should do it), and possibly Corso as well. Eventually I'd like to get all of my companions with maximum affection, but I'm in no rush.

At the same time I'm going to be trying to get their equipment as good as I can. The primary companions I run with are Risha (for DPS), Corso (for tanking) and Guss Tuno (for heals and giggles). Those are the ones I'll be concentrating on.

World Bosses
For fun, the challenge, and some of the rewards (there is a new quest to kill four of the world bosses for a new speeder, the Aratech Coral).

Space Combat
I've dabbled with it in the past but didn't want to play too much as I was wary of over-levelling due to the experience gain. My wife absolutely loves the space missions, and I'll be playing them during downtimes to get a few commendations from the daily quests.

Alts and Legacy
One of the things I've really enjoyed about the game during my journey up to level 50 was the fact that it did not feel at all grindy. I'm expecting that to change once I start doing the daily quests and running HM Flashpoints. So, whenever I start to feel a little burned out on the grind I'll be working on the other characters in the Nightfire Legacy.

I'm also mindful that there is almost a whole new game to play through as well on the Sith Empire side (new Flashpoints and completely different quest lines). At some point I'll be levelling up an Empire character. Hopefully I will be able to persuade my bro, Adurj, along for the ride at the same time (when he'd finished with his Trooper that is!).

So, to summarise, there is an absolute load of stuff to keep me busy for a long while yet, even without running alts and all the different class stories. I haven't even mentioned some of the social guild events we are planning and some of the in-game events and secret quests (such as the hunt for the magenta crystal and the recent Rakghoul Plague event). Whilst I'm still enjoying myself I'm going to be playing The Old Republic for a long time.


  1. Great write up. Now I have some idea what to expect at 50. To be honest I hadn't looked at it or thought about it much until I read this.

    I'll be well up for trying some Imperial fun too :)

    Oh and thanks for the intro to warzones the other night. was a load of fun!

  2. Yeah, I'll be doing more warzones at some point so just let me know if you fancy it :)


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